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Hemophilia A & B affect your entire body

Types of Hemophilia:

There are two main types of Hemophilia, both of which will be fully explained on this website. There is Hemophilia A, and Hemophilia B. I will discuss Hemophilia B first, then later go into detail about Hemophilia A.
Hemophilia B
     This particular blood-disorder is also recognized as the "Christmas disease," because it was first diagnosed to a young man by the name of Stephen Christmas, in the 20th century. Since we already know that Hemophilia comes from a lack of blood-clotting protein, doctors and scientists have found that both Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B are a product of lacking two different clotting factors. The particular clotting factor that (when missing) causes Hemophilia B is clotting factor IX. For people with Hemophilia B, the biggest concern for them isn't small surface wounds, it is infact internal bleeding. For them, a tiny bruise can mean uncontrollable internal bleeding, which is very dangerous and can lead to permanent damage. If you have Hemophilia B, you will most likely bruise very easily, so contact sports and rough play are completely out of the picture. It is possible to live a fairly normal lifestyle with this particular disease, just as long as you take the proper precautions. (which will be discussed further on another page :) 
Hemophilia A
      This particular Hemophilia is caused by a mutation in a Hemophilian's blood-clotting factor VII, which is found on the X-chromosome. Because the mutation is found on the X-chromosome, it is much more common for males to have it, then it is for females. It is stated in the Wikipedia Encylopedia that in North America alone, 1 in every 10,000 males will have this particular blood disorder. Even though that number sounds small, it is a bigger problem to have Hemophilia then it seems. Because Hemophilia A does affect 1 in every 10,000 males, that means that that small percentage of males will not be able to live an ordinary lifesyle because of this disease. People who have Hemophilia A, tend to bleed for long periods at a time, even when they get small cuts or wounds. It is definetely an awful way to live, but with the proper knowlege, they will be living a relatively normal lifestyle.      

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