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Hemophilia Causes Excess Bleeding

What is Hemophilia?

     Hemophilia is a blood-clotting disorder that occurs when an individual’s blood does not clot normally. This tends to happen when the human body is unable to change blood from a liquid to a solid in order to stop the bleeding. This disease is infact hereditary, and is  found on a resessive trait that is attached to the X-chromosome.  Although Hemophilia can affect females, it is more common to occur in males.
     Hemophilia can infact be very dangerous, because when you do not pocess the neccessary blood-clotting protein, (which hemophiliacs do not) you could easily bleed for days on end. When you cut yourself, natuarlly your body is going to want to heal itself.  For a Hemophiliac, it is very difficult for your body to form a stable clot to heal the wound. A lot of the times, even after your body has produced a clot, it is sometimes not strong enough, and that is when Hemophiliacs bleed for long periods of time. 

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