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Testing, Treatments and Lifestlye Changes of a Hemophiliac

How to deal with Hemophilia:

     Hemophilia is infact a dangerous blood disorder. If you think you may have it, or know someone who might, there are ways to find out. If you notice that your bleeding is unusual, contact your doctor and they will test your blood for Hemophilia. This is done by taking samlpes of blood and having it analysed in a lab by scientists and doctors. If it turns out that you do have Hemophilia, the doctor will then give you a genetics test, this way you will know exactly how severe your case is and which blood-clotting factor isn't functioning properly.
     Once you know you have Hemophilia, there are a number of ways you can treat it. The most effective way to treat Hemophilia is by taking injections of the purified clotting factor your body is missing. Say for example a person has Hemophilia B, and is lacking blood-clotting factor IX, they will get injections of clotting factor IX. These injections are supposed to stop your body from currently bleeding, and prevent any excessive bleeding in the future. It is a very good way to treat Hemophilia, but sometimes a person's immune system will attack the treatment, and this is where "plan B" steps in.
     Because Hemophilia is a blood disorder, that means that is uncurable. Even though there is no cure, the good news is that it is not fatal, meaning you can treat it. If your body is rejecting the blood-clotting injections, there is another treatment that can be used. Desmopressin is a drug that helps to stimulate your body's natural clotting factors, that is injected into your veins. There are also medications that can be taken to minimize the pain in your joints, all of which must be perscribed by a doctor.
Lifestyle Changes:
     Hemophiliacs need to be particularily cautious when it comes to participating in day-to-day activities. They should avoid any contact sports, or physical activities that may cause injuries. Hemophiliacs need to be particularily careful when it somes to choosing the right surgeons and dentists. All of their doctors should know about their disorder, so that they know to be especially gentle or to give any neccessary drugs to prevent excessive bleeding. A more common drug that doctors usually give their patients with Hemophilia before surgeory is desmopressin acetate, this helps with blood-clotting. With Hemophiliacs, they should avoid inflamitory drugs, because they tend to increase bleeding.


     Although it may sound like Hemophiliacs should be living a very sheltered life inorder to survive, this is not the case at all. There are many fun activities in which a Hemophiliac can partake in, including: swimming, walking, and riding bikes. Hemophiliacs are normal people who deserve as much an opportunity as anyone else, all they have to do is take that extra precaution and they will manage just fine. 

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