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Large, deep bruises caused by hemophilia

Signs and Symptoms of Hemophilia:

     As you may have already picked up, Hemophilia is an extremely harmful disease. It definetely increases an individual's risk of bleeding from very common injuries. The most common places for a Hemophiliac to excessively bleed are in their joints, muscles, digestive tract and brain, and of course this is all classified under "internal bleeding".  Depending on how serious the person's case is, makes for the severity of the symptoms. If the individual's case is extremely mild, they may not even know that they have this disorder until later on in their life while undergoing surjury or suffering from a serious injury.

     For the average person, when they think about Hemophilia, and what it is, they associate it with a person who excessively bleeds. Yes, bleeding excessively is one of the side affects of Hemophilia, but there are many more. Other symptoms of Hemophilia include: nosebleeds, traces of blood in urine and stool, extremely large,deep bruises that last for unusually long periods of time, swelling and pain in joints and muscles, and trouble breathing due to a swelled tongue which blocks an individual's airway.

     For the most part, Hemophilia is usually detected while the affected person is an infant. Hemophilia can be extremely dangerous, even a bump to the head can lead to brain damage caused by excessive bleeding. This is why Hemophiliacs need to be very careful and take all of the extra precautions so they do not trigger any bleeding.    

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